The Art of Seduction

Which strip show is worse ladies dancing seductively in a strip club or men gyrating it in your face at a male revue?

Men always get a bad rep for desiring to go to a strip club. Why do you want some woman sitting on your lap grinding her hips basically simulating sex? Do these same men know what a contact sport a male revue is? Female strippers are actually much more respectful than male strippers. There are rules at a female striptease versus no hold bars at a male revue. The men cannot get too physical with the women there is minimal contact involved.

Recently, I attended a male revue and it was quite an experience. There were a lot of women who were bachelorettes. Now from my perspective I thought the men should be the ones calling off the bachelorette party. The things that gone on at a male revue are scandalous and I am being nice. Male revues scare me because the men are aggressive and rogue at times. Now they only bother those that consent to them. But they have been known to target the quieter audience members.

Imagine if you will sitting patiently and all of a sudden a stripper comes out and it standing in front of you bends you over the chair and smack your ass so hard your face shook. To see the way the women react to these men is incredible getting on all fours and allowing themselves to be fondled by a complete stranger. One has to wonder do this happen at a female strip show. Granted a man will only do what you allow him to do. But male revues are off the hook. The element of surprise heightens everyone’s mood. Now I am not saying what goes on at either show is terrible I am just saying when you pit one against the other the female show is classier. How ironic is that?

Ladies we have to be more accomadating to the men because we know how raunchy a male revue can get. We get egged on by the crowd and aroused by the attention from the men and do things we would not normally do. If only our men knew what we were seeing and experiencing they may cancel our striptease. This post is a means to set the record straight. Both parties should be able to enjoy themselves freely without free of reprimand. Visual stimulation makes for good sex.  After you watch a strip tease you are looking for your mate to satisfy your carnivourous appetite. Your primal need of arousal.

You need you bodies to collide and become one after a night like that. You do not need to waste time arguing about needing to go out to a strip club. Enjoy the side effects of a good show.

We can go on all night about why strip shows are bad and how our mate should not attend them. Yet they are going to go with or without our knowledge. Allow your mate to and enjoy his or herself.  Both are just as titlating and leave much to be desired after the show is over. Do not leave your mate feeling guilt ridden for desiring to attend such a show. It is a healthy interaction with the opposite sex. Allowing them to enjoy the striptease makes it more fun for the both of you. Don’t be such a prude have a little adventure in your life.

Which strip show do you think is worst a female or male show? Have you participate in a show and felt guilty afterwards? Did you express these feelings to your mate? Share your thoughts below.


8 thoughts on “The Art of Seduction

  1. Another interesting post.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of strip clubs. I’ve only been a handful of times. Its just not my scene, but I can understand what men enjoy about it. I’ve even met a few women who were practically ‘addicted’ to going to strip clubs. I have no clue what goes on there, but whatever it is, it had some women I know going almost every week. I know there are men who do the same, but I just can’t picture myself wasting my money like that.

    I rather stay at home with my woman and have her strip for me…or me strip for her. What do we need strangers for when we have each other? But…that’s just the way I see it.

  2. I love strip clubs. Every city has its own flair due to traditions, state laws etc. I go to strip clubs like most people go to museums on vacation.

    The woman who work there know how to make you feel special even when you know it’s a lie.

    I have never been to a male revue but I have heard that they are way grimier than anything that would be legal for men to do.

    I would be ok with my partner going to a male revue. As long as know fluids are released/exchanged, I don’t see the problem.

  3. From the girl who has attend female and male revues.

    Female Strip clubs… all women well most women enjoy another woman who is blessed and talented with using her money a seduction tool. When women attend clubs like these…she is going to get a lot of attention and that can be lots of fun. I know everytime I got I get brought drinks by the dancers and I dont have to pay them one cent..even though I try to let them know I appreciate their talents…lmao

    Male revue…they are more “grimer” like RDITR said… it GOES DOWN!!! and a picture is worth a thousand words and relationship would be over if they were released…lmao. I don’t do crap like what goes down there…but I have been attacked…lmao

    On the flip side I don’t mind my boo or myself putting on a show

  4. I have a question… at what point is a female going to a male strip club obsessive? My sister in law is going at least three times a week, it’s caused such a rift in her marriage that I am not sure it can be saved. My brother is much better looking and better built than some of those guys so I just don’t understand it. Can anyone shed any light on this?

  5. Oh I think I have found the appeal… I have went three times with her, once bridal party, once bday and I think the issue is that she is now seeing one of the dancers. I am in a real predicament with the fact she is married to my brother. I am sure he has to know something is going on since she has now been to a different city 4 times this summer and ironically this same dancer is always dancing at a club in that city. It’s turned into a serious mess… I am just stuck in the middle.

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