Becoming Mrs. Right

When u stop trying to find the right man, & start becoming the right woman..the right man will come. #TheSW

Do you constantly seek out Mr. Right knowing you are not Mrs. Right? When you know you are not in the right place. Why do you look for someone whole when you are only part of the woman you need to be. It took me some time to see I was doing just that wanting things from a man when I knew I was not right within. I wanted him to complete the incomplete me. I wanted a great man when I was a mediocre woman.

I was running on a path of self-destruction. My thoughts were riddled in self-doubt and overflowing with insecurity. How can I get a man like that? He didn’t deserve what I was offering because there wasn’t much on the table. I definitely was not where I needed to be and finding a man should NEVER have been on my list of priorities. Unfortunately, I like to learn my lessons the hard way. Years ago I was with someone and it was tumultuous and that is putting it nicely. It was a disaster that never should have happened. So it should not come as a surprise that it ended badly. Yet the pain from this motivated me to change my thinking I threw myself into school and excelled. Not to brag but I held down straight As while battling it out in court. Why does pain have to be the sole motivation?

Why can’t we inspire ourselves without a bunch of bruises? It has taken me some time but if finally sunk in. I have to be the right woman to get the right man. I have to take time to work on the woman I am to make and mold the woman I want to become. This change in my thinking has stirred up quite a reaction men who I thought were unattainable and out of my league are now approaching me. I am now exuding confidence something I used to fake. I don’t have to front anymore. I woke up this morning covered in inspiration. I am motivating myself. I have not arrived yet so the man I allow in my life will have to now be my friend first. I have always said this but never implemented it until now.

I want to be friends because I do not want him to become a distraction for me. When we become more than friends I want to keep my identity. I have set a few goals before getting in my next relationship. I want to accomplish them first. A man will come later. Finally, I have escaped the overwhelming need to have a man at my side. I can finally say with tears in eyes I LOVE me!

Whew! That was a tearjerker. It feels good to say and mean it. I am smiling more when I look in the mirror. I am walking and talking differently. I got love all over me. I am so focused and I love it. Stay tuned this journey is just getting started.


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