Give It Up and Turn Those Legs Loose

Do you overanalyze the fact the man you’re dating wants to sleep with you? Do you deem him as being perverted because of his primal need? Did it ever occur to you want him as much as he wants you? It is nighttime, stars shining and the moon is beaming. You two lay there cuddling together as he gently caresses you with his thick fingers. You become excited as does he but you deny him what you want so badly. Why even put yourself in that situation? If it is natural for us to feel frisky why is it unnatural for them?

Stop lying to yourself. I am not saying to act out impulsively every time but at least acknowledge your true feelings. Be true to yourself. Dare I say it give that man some. Stop denying what you both want. We are mature adults. Ladies admit it we know within the first five minutes of meeting a man what we want to do with him. The choice is yours! Stop thinking so damn much have some spontaneity to you. What the hell are you doing all those kegals for you have him so use him? All you are going to do is go home at night and use your toy or a hot shower or bath. Knowing you’re just teasing the hell out of you. If you do not want to be tempted do not spend time in his lair or yours?

This reminds me of my favorite movie “Love Jones” the scene where it was a hot summer night and Nina and Darius decided, well Nina decided they were not going to have sex that night. Lying there alone was torturing them along with the seemingly torturous heat. Of course lower heads prevailed otherwise there would have probably been some serious human combustion. You know the routine you want to feel like you’re saving something. Then you are walking around all worked up and aggravated. When you both know sexual healing can conquer angry emotions. I have never understood why some women deny men the obvious why do you have a man. Guilty as charged of using coochie control on him. Actually rationing out sex, what is that all about? There is nothing wrong with desiring sex and receiving it regularly. I hear outlandish stories of these things called coochie lockouts.

Ladies how do YOU manage during these arduous times? I am sure you suffer more than he does especially if he doesn’t chase he replaces. Granted there are foolish men out there who have women who are ready, willing and able anytime and anyplace and these fools will creep anyway. There is no hope for these fools. Now moving on, ladies we cannot be naïve men have needs just as we do. Do not deny them so much. Granted there are times when we are not in the mood that is cool. It even happens to them although that sounds strange especially when it is heard aloud. Oops was that a sexist statement. Sorry boys! I mean MEN.

The bottom line is our coochie I.O.U.s will expire very quickly. He will move on more quickly than you can recover. Give that man and yourself that due sustenance. It is a part of both of your need for survival. Give it up and turn those legs loose. Do you hold out even when you want to give in? Share your thoughts below.


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