Why Do Nice Guys Have to Pay Child Support?

Why do nice guys have to pay child support? If he plays his part why must he pay you anything. Ladies some of you are using these children as meal tickets. He puts in time and attention in his child. He sets the foundation for a solid father-child bond. Ladies you are never satisfied he gets a raise you want a raise.

Quick to bring in the white man to delegate the black family clan at least financially. Why is it that a man is not allowed to lead us? Now before you get your panties in a bunch I am referring to responsible fathers only. The ones who value being a father as much if not more than we value motherhood. The type of man who will give his last before he sees his child go without. Granted some men do not want to play their part and child support was invented specifically for these sorry creatures. Now the question often arises how exactly is the child support spent and who is it spent on? Some of you ladies are guilty as charged to getting those payments and running straight to the hair and nail salon while your kids run around looking a mess.

Get your priorities straight. Child support is for the child NOT you. Now that I have gotten the pleasantries let me explain why I brought this up. I am furious that some of you women have good fathers and treat them like crap. You do not appreciate anything they do. If he doesn’t work how can you get blood from a turnip yet he puts in time where his money is short. No he doesn’t deserve any special accolades for his fatherly duties. But cut the man some slack taking his taxes and everything. Have you no heart.

The rest of us mothers look bad for the few of you that do not appreciate a good thing. My daughter’s father is an absentee father. I would deeply value his time much more than his money. I never asked for money if she needed diapers I just asked can he pick them up no money ever needed to touch my hands. Yet he couldn’t do that so yes this black woman called on the white man to set the black man straight.

I know child support is a necessary evil. But try utilizing it for the right reason. The power of the cookie is leaving some of you ladies brain dead. Children are not a meal ticket. Respect that man let him do for his child. He is well aware you could but child support on him. Stop using it as a manipulative bargaining chip.

Don’t get me started when he is ready for another child with someone else you yell out increase. Do you want a check daddy or a father for your children? Leave your insecurities at home and focus on the bigger picture. You child needs his/her father as much if not more than they need you. Allow him to be there stopping denying him the right to see his child because you are pissed his girl was over there with you children. Get over yourself….quickly. Your children’s innocent eyes are watching intently. Monitoring your interaction with child’s father.

Are you a father wrongly forced to pay child support? Share your thoughts below.


11 thoughts on “Why Do Nice Guys Have to Pay Child Support?

  1. Preach!!!

    As a single parent..I would love nothing more than my mini’s dad spending more time with him. She would love it, money isn’t everything all the time. When I see guys who are doing the right things and these greedy ungrateful ass females…it makes me sick. Lick can we switch situations? so maybe then you will know what you have.

  2. I once believed it to be embarrassing that I was served child support papers. But after understanding the reasoning behind the mom’s decision – remarriage, I stopped taking it personal. There are some women who cater to men in ways unimaginable, even if it proves to be mindboggling. Just the way it is, I guess.

    In the end there isn’t much any man can do about child support if it’s his child, except pay the monthly payments and be a dad to the child or children.

  3. Very good post.

    I haven’t been in a situation such as this, so I’ll be commenting from the outside looking in. I feel that men should be required to pay child support, but women shouldn’t look at it as their golden ticket. The money is supposed to go towards the child’s needs. Men should want to be there for their children. Spending time shouldn’t be an alternative to paying child support and vice versa. A man should want to provide both to his child.

  4. I pay child support ,have been for years now ,the bad thing about my situation is that I’am not the father and the system want change it ,the woman is only about the money.

  5. When I read stories like this, it makes me ill. I am a mother that pays child support and have been alienated from my children for over three years. It is not only happening to men. It happens to women too. This has been going on for awhile now. I miss my babies everyday. When I wanted to break things off with their father, that’s when I saw his true being. I was his third wife. He was thirty seven and I was nineteen.

    I had my first baby at seventeen. Her father was thirty one. He got scared and went away for a little while. He left me alone to deal with the pregnancy. When he came back to get me, I told him either he is going to be here for me and the baby or not. I actually broke it off. He didn’t come around anymore. After my daughter was born, he saw her a few times up until she was three months. I gave him another chance and he blew it. Did I ever ask for his help or went to social services to go after him? No. I worked and coped as well as I could without him. Btw, I reunited them over facebook last year. I wanted it to be her choice to know him.

    I rarely speak to my daughter on facebook though. And when I do, it is usually about my getting her an Iphone. Haha…teenagers. I finally got to hear my children’s voices last December for the first in three years. My ex-husband’s sister and I still communicate occasionally. She called him for me. It was terrible. My ex-husband and his girlfriend were calling me all types of names in front of my babies. So unnecessary. My children’s father, since then, have broken their bond even with his own sister. Makes me sad.

    To wrap this up quick. I was a stay at home mom and wife with no money. My ex-husband and I married when he was 36 and I was twenty one. I was diagnosed with Bipolar when in fact it was PMDD. That’s how I lost my children. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer at two years old. My ex-husband couldn’t handle alcohol. His first sentence when I told him it was over was, ” What are we going to do about the taxes next year?” And that’s the truth. Believe it or not. When he claimed my daughter(who isn’t biologically his) and me before I had our sons, I signed to pay off his child support arrears when we filed taxes. I didn’t want him worrying about it anymore. He had two children with his first wife. We struggled financially in the beginning.

    I wish I had listened to his family and ex-wife. I was a naive little girl.

  6. Never been arrested for misconduct. I have been off the medicine which doctors prescribed that made my condition worst for over six years now. I have changed my diet to eating fruits,grains, vegetables and fish mostly. Exercise helps me a lot. Working keeps me going and focused on my career goals. I will provide my children with a college education and they will always have my love. They may not be physically here with me but my heart and theirs will forever be bonded. I heard their voices and they still love me. They will always remember me. That is what keeps me going.

    For all of you who have had the so-called justice system ruin the life you have now, remember the storm will pass. What they have done to you has already been done to them. The truth will be brought to the light.

  7. All parents should pay child support AND invest their time too! It’s all parents duty to financially AND emotionally support their children. If you think it’s ok for a dad to just give his time but no financial contribution then how is supposed to support your child? You need to develop some self esteem and expect what’s right for you and your child! It might be normal in certain cultures for these men to have “baby momas” all over the shop who have to learn to expect very little but let me tell you that is NOT the norm! Poor kids!

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