Out of Sight, Out Of His Mind!

Are you dating someone who you have to initiate contact with all the time? To a man this would be an obvious sign of disinterest. Yet we women like to make excuses maybe he is busy, he has a lot on his plate, or anything.

We refuse to accept the obvious, why? I am saying this for me as much as for you. Ladies stop being in denial he just doesn’t want you. I know it sounds harsh but reality is often harsh and not sweet at all.

A lot of times we simply just do not want to left feeling unwanted. If all he offers is sex move on no sense in adding another unnecessary notch on your belt. In most cases, he is getting more than he is giving. You know little or nothing about this man. This post is coming from a place riddled in hurt. I am so tired of giving of myself and getting crumbs in return. Just be a man about it. Sounds simple enough. Yet we have to be woman enough to walk away alone. Quit holding onto someone who was never joined to you.

He told you in so many words he would never be yours. All he can offer is this and that. You deserve better than this and that you have to know that. Walk away with your dignity in tact. It hurts like hell when you desire more than he does. Especially, when you all have known each other for quite some time and he only pursues you to do you. All that energy on a momentary fix. It is so belittling like that’s all you see in me. Yet he says there is more yet his actions prove it is just the physical. Keep your cookie to your damn self. He is so not worth it. Once you deem him unworthy move on without any qualms. He will just keep on till he can poke somebody else.

No love lost and no more notches added to your belt. Stop settling for less than the best. Always remember this too shall pass and the best is yet to come. Yes ladies this message is for us. Let him go!

I am going to take my own advice. I am going to let this thing go no matter how much it hurts. I know this means going back to the drawing board but it is time to put my pen down for a while. Obviously, this thing is not working for me. I need time off. It gets lonely but we cannot fear being alone more than being with someone who is unworthy of our time and attention.

Are you interested in someone who only offers you little to nothing? Do you want more? What are you willing to do to change the situation? Share your thoughts below.


9 thoughts on “Out of Sight, Out Of His Mind!

  1. I’ve been in this situation more times than I would like to admit.

    I think sometimes we think that we can change him, make him want us. Idk…trust I had to learn that letting go is hard but its what’s best.

    I’m sure I will go down that rode one more.

    Sometimes a hard head makes a soft ass….lol. Mines is pretty soft. LOL *taurus rant*

    • I can’t stand it. I try to walk away but I keep giving myself false hope that things will change. I have to take heed to my own advice and leave. I deleted his number and blocked him on FB. No more ways in. I am done.

  2. This was a great blog. It is true we all have been guilty of this but we have to understand as women if we want different results we have to do something different. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. It is important we take time to get to know ourself. I have made a vow to myself a year of celibacy to get to love myself and know my worth it has been 8 months I am truly loving the journey. Here is my blog so you can read the year of celibacy.. http://theinspirationalcorner.blogspot.com/2011/12/year-of-celibacy.html Be Blessed ladies!

    • Thank you sis! It will be a long road to rediscovering me. I keep losing myself in these crazy situations. I know what I am worth but I have been settling for what I can get. Giving of me to undeserving men. Sometimes I wonder if the fear of being alone outweighs the need to be truly happy.

      • You have to figure out what is more important finding yourself and being whole or being dysfunctional and expected a different result when you are the only one who is the factor of your happiness. Every man will be the same and not value your worth until you deal with the unhealthy patterns. A man only do what we allow and sometimes being alone helps you reconnect back to the source, which is God. God wants you to be happy and whole so when the right man comes he will automatically know your worth because you carry an attitude of worth. I believe you will allow happiness to prevail. We are the deciding factor of our happy ending. Wishing you much success!

  3. So did you take your own piece of advice? And how did it go-man, I can resonate with this blog so much that I re-live that pain, the one I walked away from……then walked back into not many months later and I still feel like a chore, his chore. Separation anxiety has a lot to answer to but I sit here awaiting a call, you know, the one with the 100 justifications before it comes (or not) and the loaded bitter comments you have ready to try and cut him right in a similar place to yours where the ventricle seeps. This distorted type of relationship is asunhealthy as the skin on the KFC, but…….*she sighs knowing that Friday, he will be positioned somewhere between her bed and her legs : (

    • I left it alone surprisingly. I ran into him yesterday he was like wow you weren’t going to speak. I said no I wasn’t. I am tired of giving of myself and getting nothing in return. It pains me I want him to fight for me but I know his weak and feeble minded self won’t. That is how I know he is not right for me an unnecessary notch on my belt. The man for me wouldn’t let a jewel like me go. But I have to know I am worth. I am more than good @#*$?.

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