I Am So Proud Of….Me!

There comes a point in life where you have to stop the insanity of doing the same thing and expecting different results. Where you reach a plateau that inevitably forces you forward. I have reached that point. It is time for a serious change in my life. I have grown tiresome of beating a dead horse. Thus I have decided to throw myself into my goals. I have decided to set boundaries and respect them. In spite of the fact no one else may respect them as well. I have decided to stop the madness of leading my life to the beat of someone else’s drum. That beat is cumbersome and mundane in nature.

It feels so good to finally focus on me. Through the grace of God I am finally doing it for myself. Not surprisingly things are falling into place quite nicely. All those times before I refused to focus on me. I said it but never put my words into action. I simply was not mentally and physically ready to do the work involved. I stand before you as a woman in transition. This transition encompasses the change buried within. I just want to shout to everyone I see “I AM HAPPY”. Not because of earthly love but because of pure love of self. I am so happy that the source my happiness in unimportant except when referencing God’s hand in it. I am so happy no need to brag or boast. I have finally let go and let God have his way.

It took a long time to get here and I am not quite ready to say I have arrived for I am not at my destination just yet. I am gunning for that peace and sanctity everyday and everyday I get closer to it. I pray this high I am on indelibly plays in my memory bank. Making certain I never forget how God has my back as long as I allow His steps to guide me. I have finally seen the light. When you see me just smile your smile will be enough encouragement. I am so tears of pure joy are now falling. Gosh I feel so good.

Ok I am back had to pause for a second. My journey here was not easy. Now I can finally say “I love my fabulous self.” Yeah I threw fabulous in there let me feel myself.


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