Could Mr. Right Be White?

Am I limiting myself by dating solely black men? As I am taking this dating hiatus I wonder if I should expand my dating horizon to include men that are not of color. I do not want to be villainous for not being receptive of the idea. I have been infatuated with Black men for quite some time. Especially, chocolate brothers, with that sexy smile, gorgeous face, and big, strong back. Whew! It gives me chills just thinking of my fantasy man.

Yet I cannot help wondering if my fantasy guy is putting a damper on my love life. Could Mr. Right be White? And most importantly is it racist of me to exclude men who are not of color from my mate selection process. Don’t get me wrong I have dated outside my race for sport but not for a serious foundation. In addition, caramel and chocolate place nice together. Why should I shake this harmonious union? And if it is so grand then why do I keep being faced with prospects that don’t meet my standards. Can a White man meet my standards? He can’t if I continue to purposefully exclude him. Shouldn’t love be colorblind? If I cross that line will I be viewed as a sellout? At the end of the day who cares Black men have done it for years. This thought permeates in my soul.

I will admit though that my love for Black love runs deep. It is not just because we have been through so much together and need to continue to compliment one another. Even though, I could almost swear I could see my truth in his pretty brown eyes. I love Black men. I like to think I am open-minded but I think the jury clearly finds me guilty of rejecting love in its purest colorblind form. Now I don’t knock friends who have stepped outside of the color wheel. It’s just either he has not found me or I am hiding out from any potential prospects. In college there was this sexy Italian guy that caught my attention. He was a hopeless romantic. The kind of guy that was attentive to you even the things you didn’t say. I could see something I wanted just laid eyes on it and the next day he would show up to my door with it.

One night he revealed to me his true feelings. I was so shocked. He was enamored with me. Smitten by my kind heart and down to Earth ways. I wouldn’t pursue it though I was afraid. Afraid what people would think. I wonder if that fear still envelopes me. Love is love. Blue eyed or not.

When I end this hiatus I will challenge myself to open the floor to Mr. Right even if he isn’t tall, dark, and handsome. Let’s see how I fair.

Are you limiting yourself to just Black men? Why are you so afraid? Share thoughts below.


4 thoughts on “Could Mr. Right Be White?

  1. Everybody know im PRO BLACK..LOL…but when it comes to love dont limit yourself…personally I dont see sisters and brothers who date our caucasion friends as sell sees no color. God bless

  2. Love, affection, attraction, desire, and a few other things I can’t think of right now are totally colorblind, in and of themselves. If you bought into that “we should stay with our own race” crap, yeah, you might be missing out on something because while race and culture do play into a person’s overall makeup, it doesn’t mean that these differences should be a barrier when looking for love.

    The only thing that should make a difference is what’s in the hearts and minds of everyone involved. When things get interracial, no one is selling their race out and more so when they’ve spent the majority of their lives sticking with their own race and haven’t even gotten close to finding that which they need to make them happy, loved, and just feeling completed.

    What is there to fear? Well, if anything, it’s daring to be different in this; there’s the reaction you might get for going interracial and some of it might be bad; there’s trying to sort out stereotypes from facts and the only way to really do this is get to know the person and understanding that just like we’re not all alike, neither are they.

    But I know some people fear what’s gonna happen to their image, to be seen with a white person instead of finding a suitable Black person… and that’s just self-defeating because you just never know where you’re gonna find love… or who you’re gonna find it with.

    I love women – period. When I first dated a white girl, I caught all kinds of hell behind it but I stood my ground and stood by my decision to date her, not because she was white but because she made me happy; I didn’t see a white girl – I just saw a woman I cared about and anyone who didn’t like it – and there were a lot who didn’t – could kiss my ass.

    Nobody’s gonna tell me who I can love – nobody.

  3. I’m a new novelist, and I just published the first book in my ten-book collection called “Tales from the Quarters.” Looking at this website reminded me a lot of what I was trying to say/show in my first book about a young black woman who falls in love with an older white man, down South in Mississippi, and eventually has to tell her family about him. My book is called Silver, Currents of Change.

    I have nine more novels in my color-coded collection, and I’m now seeking “crowd fundraising” to help me publish the second book in my collection. Gold, The Heat of Refinement, actually continues the story of book one, and the couple is on the verge of getting married when a big old family feud breaks out between the black and white families.

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    Beax Rivers
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