Is Sexting Cheating?

My body has been wanting to do a dance that my mind keeps forgetting
the steps to. Purposefully, giving me selective amnesia I have had no
recourse. For this feeling is unrelenting. I am reaching my breaking
point. Self love has to draw near at a time when I am more than
exhausted. Yet, thoughts dance around my mind all day. How do I
release these powerful and overwhelming emotions you ask? They are
released through sexting.

Yet I feel as though I am cheating on my diet. I am wondering if
either I am being too hard on me or too light. I have to raise the bar
so why not start there. Sexting only evokes these emotions more
intensely. Before I continue let me clarify what sexting entails. It
consists of sending sexually charged text messages and sometimes
suggestive photos. Guilty as charged. You all know I have a way with
words. These titillating messages only heighten my emotions sending my
endorphins on a cosmic ride.

Am I setting myself up for an epic fail? Thinking about it is one
thing but sexting is putting words to action. Can I get sent to the
principal’s office for my naughty thoughts? Or is the thought of not
sexting my way through senseless? I cannot set the bar so high that
even I cannot achieve my goal. I am determined to exhibit some self
control as well as restraint. What happens when I am asked to take it
a step further then what? Prelude to the kiss. Can I put my hand to
his lip and refuse him? So many questions what is a girl supposed to
do. By right I am truly ostracizing myself by admitting sexual
thoughts intrude my mind incessantly.

How do I combat this intense desire without following through? As I
glance at myself in the mirror I feel heavy and tense. My body needs
to lift off in a major way. Lately, I have been cold and contrite
feeling on edge. Could the lack of be contributing to my recent
attitude change? How safe is sexting? Is it as innocent and harmless
as we portray it to be?  No, it is emotionally and physically
dangerous for our thoughts often become our actions. Instead of exting maybe I could write some of what I am feeling in a journal.
Sorry guys that’s my single sex behavior cannot divulge everything
have to keep a little of me for ME!

Is sexting cheating….on my diet? What do you think? Share your
thoughts below. Don’t forget to email me your relationship questions
to Don’t be shy I will post questions and
answers in a future post.


6 thoughts on “Is Sexting Cheating?

      • If you absent that “thinking about it is also cheating” thing, then it’s not cheating unless you do something about whatever it is you’re feeling… like sneaking that piece of chocolate when you know you need to lose a few pounds. Seems harmless but one piece leads to another piece, maybe even a bigger piece than the first one and, well, you can see how this could spiral out of control; next thing you know, you’re at Godiva’s and trying to max out your Amex card…

      • Tempting yourself isn’t the problem; it’s the likelihood of giving in to that temptation! Yep, it can test your resolve but if you’re determined to remain celibate, all it can be is motivation to masturbate (unless you’ve sworn off that, too)…

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