Daddy Issues and the Alpha Male

Are Daddy issues standing between you and your Alpha male? Do you want a man to possess the qualities and attributes Daddy lacked? First, let me begin by saying that Alpha should be your MAN, not a replacement Daddy. Second, your father’s lack of reputable qualities should not have anything to do with your dating choices.

Today when reading “Played or Be Played” I realize my type of man is the Alpha male. The almighty powerful, knowledgeable, and strong man. The kind of man strong enough to handle me. I am not the kind of woman for the faint of heart. I have emotions that overwhelm me at times and I desire a strong emotional support system. Not some weakling who will crack under pressure. When I told a friend I love an Alpha man and he is a leader and I like a man to take the wheel he called me out on my Daddy issues. Granted I have loads of them but refuse to allow it to take me out of the running for acquiring what I so richly desire. Though I am not ready for him yet I have him in my sights forsaken all others. It is because of this tunnel vision no other man stands a chance.

But I wonder does my battle with Daddy issues mean my inevitable doom with the Alpha male. The man who was supposed to make and mold me let me welter away into existence. So the man I knew my father to be was a man I could not get to. It was almost as if he was an enigma. Even today as we are closer than ever I actively seek his approval and love. I do things out of a cry for attention and Daddy steps over me not the least bit phased by my tantrums. I don’t blame him for my issues as I know I must address them. My father’s reaction is one of logic not love. Love I must find in my nurturing mother. My father does not sugarcoat straight up without a chaser. His words are not for the light hearted.
He teaches me in adulthood that I cannot rely on him emotionally. Yet I look for a man to fill that void. How asinine is that?

My Daddy issues run deep and the Alpha male runs further away from me. I lack guidance and discipline. I am bad at being a self starter which allows you to fall by the wayside in life. Alpha male shall lead me and transform me into the woman I should be. What am I saying? No wonder the Alpha male does not want me I am no where near his game level. Thank goodness I took a dating hiatus when I did or I would have never been in the running for an Alpha male. I have bred insecurity, self-loathing, low self-esteem and many more negative qualities for so long. I wanted attention no matter what the cost. The Alpha male will not tolerate that in any form. He wants and deserves a queen.

If you want an Alpha male you have to not only get his attention it is your skills that he can appreciate that will keep him in tune to your channel. No ladies this is not about hanging from chandeliers. It is about being a queen. One who is respected and appreciate by the Alpha male. Like a queen I believe in Tip #1 on how to have game. I take full responsibility for my actions and decisions. I decided to settle for what I can get instead of what I really want. The Alpha male.

Are your Daddy issues standing in the way of your true love? Alpha males do women with Daddy issues turn you off? Share your thoughts below.


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