What type of man are you dating? There are 5 types of men player, professional, pushover, parolee, and the awe-inspiring Renaissance man. Now ideally we should be dating the last one but we are hard headed and stubborn as hell so we usually date one of the four Ps, player, professional, pushover, and /or the parolee. Let me first start off by breaking down each type:


The Player:


He is the charismatic guy with the gift of the gab when it comes to women. He is sexually driven and there appetite for women is insatiable. Seasoned players know the right thing to say at the right time thus giving the reason why women are secretly intrigued by players.


The Professional:


He is very intelligent who is articulate and goal oriented. He is used to the finer things in life. The suit and tie guy that has it all together? In case you were wondering this is my kind of guy. I always fall for this type.


The Pushover:


He is easy-going, and non-confrontational. He is sensitive to a woman’s needs he is very sentimental as well as romantic. Unfortunately, for him he is perceived as being too nice; perish the thought, and not having a backbone. In fact this type gets vilified for not disrespecting a woman by trying to hit the sack and often gets erroneously labeled as having a high propensity for being homosexual.


The Parolee:

He is a street cat who was brought up and influenced by the hard-knock inner city life. The majority are either referred to as scrubs or slackers. Most use their inferior social condition as an incentive to educate themselves and get out of the hood. Others fully embrace ignorance and poverty, and make it part of their identity.

As I stated before the four Ps represent who we typically date out of needs and wants at the moment. In other words we settle for what we can get versus what we truly want and deserve. Yet the smart woman knows that settling is not an option and she will opt for the Renaissance man knowing she is his exact compliment. The Renaissance man incorporates the four Ps therefore making him the dominant male in the pack. He is smooth and sexy like the player, intelligent and financially stable like the professional, compassionate at times, like the pushover, and can send your endorphins in overdrive like the parolee. James Bond is the ultimate Renaissance man. He is suave (player). He is intelligent in the way he figures out how to get out of certain situations, and fly in his style of dress (professional). He is gruffly sensitive (pushover). He lives dangerously, always on the edge (parolee). 

The Renaissance man definitely sounds sexy so why is it that we aren’t swayed by his alluring persona. Why do we systematically choose to overlook him? We love triple threats in Hollywood but not in real life. Apart of it may be we feel inadequate in his eyes and feels as though we are not on his level. Yet if you seriously want to have a good man that encompasses all the attributes you desire then step it up and become the ultimate Renaissance woman. A Renaissance woman has the ability and credentials to choose which of the 4 Ps she needs at the moment. Until she is truly ready to tackle the Renaissance man. 

Which of the 4 Ps is your type? Are you the Renaissance woman why or why not? Renaissance men describe your Renaissance woman? Share your thoughts below.


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