The Double Standard of Promiscuity

If men can do it, why can’t women? When it comes to the double standard of promiscuity men and women are separate NOT equal on this issue. Yes he can do it and no you should not follow suit.

Promiscuous sex impacts men and women differently. For women, sexual promiscuity has emotional and physical ramifications. It is not in a woman’s nature to have multiple sex partners. Remember ladies we are internal creatures. Hence our sex organ is on the inside of our bodies. Men are external creatures and their sex organ is on the outside of their body. Let’s view this from a physiological standpoint when a man pulls out of you he is detached from you. Sex to them is a form of physical reaction with the end goal being an orgasm.

Men don’t develop an emotional attachment through sexual intercourse. Men become emotionally attached to a woman based on things she can bring to the table I.e, loyalty or dedication.

The question then becomes are you in a relationship or a long-term booty call? It is imperative that you answer this question to yourself in an honest and unabashed manner. Long-term booty calls often outlast most relationships. I was a habitual booty call dater. I would get emotionally attached to an emotionally unavailable man. Which reiterates the fact that women have no business trying to compete with men in this arena.

Are you hopeless devoted to a long-term booty call with frivolous aspirations of love? Share your thoughts below.

5 thoughts on “The Double Standard of Promiscuity

  1. I’m back – this post is sticking in my head big time. When you say “multiple partners,” are you talking about “at one time” or over a period of time? See, what I know, as a man, is that men and women have different roles when it comes to sex, a pre-programmed set of behaviors. For us, it’s about spreading our seed in as many women as we can; for women, it’s about being selective about what seed they’re gonna accept for procreation so, yeah, men get that “stud” label for hitting as much pussy as they can – but if a woman does it, she’s a slut.

    But… promiscuous men are also called dogs simply because we’re trying to get all the sex we can, right? Because this is true, it tends to level out the double standard, doesn’t it, because both men and women are seen in the negative in their sexual habits – and habits that don’t fit the prescribed “one man, one woman” moral behavior.

    We know that love and sex aren’t the same things; combining them isn’t the same goal for everyone, either; that seems to be a goal for women more than men… and I’m thinking it’s part of that being selective process – and that’s fine if women are more relationship-minded than men are (and it seems to be the case).

    Still, some women – and for whatever reason – aren’t relationship-minded; doesn’t necessarily make them candidates for just being a booty call but unless she’s gonna be celibate when not in a relationship, she’s free to simply scratch that itch and in any way she wants to… and with as many partners as she cares to.

    There’s perpetuation of the species… and then there’s the human thing of screwing simply because it feels good. Doing it in a relationship is the expected behavior and it implies that doing it outside of the relationship mode ain’t cool… which doesn’t change the fact that it happens.

    Do men bust that nut and then the woman is a memory afterwards? Probably so… if they’re not in a relationship with them. It’s sex for the sake of sex and doesn’t mean anything other than that because it’s not sex for the purpose of maintaining the relationship or conveying any other feelings other than lust – in this, it’s meaningful sex; we’re doing the deed like it’s illegal because we’re in a relationship and we do love each other (or have deep enough affection for the sex to have meaning).

    Does it mean that women who keep themselves on the booty call list are doing themselves an injustice if it’s love that they’re really looking for? I don’t think so since it’s a given that love ain’t just gonna drop into your lap; you have to look for love and, yeah, you never really know when it’s gonna slap you upside the noggin… unless you’re looking for something specific – that’s different.

    So what are you saying in this? That unless a woman is in a relationship, she shouldn’t make herself available to have sex? That so she doesn’t look like a slut or whore she should put herself on lock-down and save her sexual needs for the one who’s going to love her and, thus, validate her need to have sex?

    A man’s purpose for sex is just having an orgasm; is there any other purpose that we might not be aware of? Women are loath to have sex without the emotional attachments of love and affection… but if the coupling is just sex, what other feelings are the people expected to have other than maybe satisfaction (hopefully) and gratitude for the chance to have sex?

    And, really, unless you can ask a man what he’s thinking and feeling after he gets a nut, it’s kinda dangerous to assume that he feels nothing. Here’s what I think the deal is with this: If I love you and we’ve had sex and I’ve busted a nut, I’m going to be feeling the pleasure behind that as I pull out of you – but it will also increase my love for you as well – because we’re having sex because we love each other and all that.

    If I don’t love you – but we’re screwing anyway, what am I feeling at the moment I’m pulling out? What I know, since I’ve done a lot of pulling out in my days, is that what I’m feeling is different when love isn’t the motivation for having sex – but I’m not going to dismiss her from memory because I don’t believe in behaving like that – and therein lies the difference because some men do believe in this – and some don’t.

    You make it sound like women don’t do this; the guy has served his purpose and the sooner he gets out of her sight, the better she’s gonna feel – say it ain’t so.

    My friend, when you start attempting to put people into nice, neat boxes with this, you wind up getting a long, probably boring response like this one – because it’s not the whole truth. Let me finally finish this by asking you a question: Do you think that by following things in the books you’ve read that you are being programmed to behave in a specific way and for a singular, specific reason?

    Sorry, LQ, but this one really pushed my buttons…

    • I am trying to inform women that yes there is an inevitable double standard. You will not find love if you settle for lust. Just being a booty call is not enough. I am not judging just simply stating facts. We are not wired the same having someone running up in it multiple times forms an attachment. He is leaving apart of him with you.

    • I think the books forces me to recognize how I date and who I choose to date in a more stringent manner. Ultimately, my goal is the Alpha male and I have to elevate myself to Alpha female status. I have to face the truth about me whether I like it or not.

      • Dear woman, the truth isn’t going to be found in some book written by some dude; the truth of yourself is within you. Alphas attract, no doubts there – but they are generally not nice people and more so if they know they are an alpha male.

        If you are going to elevate yourself, please don’t try to achieve a status; elevate yourself to be the best person you can possibly be. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders – use it. Make better and smarter decisions about the things you do in this and find a balance between what your heart might tell you and what your intelligence might be saying to you.

        You don’t need some damned book to validate and quantify your dating habits; all you have to do is see them, accept that you behave in a certain way in certain situations and, if you ain’t feeling that, change the behaviors and find a way to do it that won’t leave you unapproachable or too distant as you seek to be less vulnerable. Sure, maybe you need to stop acting like prey so that you don’t get played by some player – but the books only tell you part of the whole story of the game we all play – and we all play it, make no mistake about that. But, in a lot of ways, it’s simple: If your goals don’t come close to matching his, walk away; if you’re waiting for Mr. Right to fall out of the sky, don’t hold your breath because you will be disappointed.

        This is about making choices, LQ, and playing the game by someone else’s rules isn’t going to help you make good choices for yourself because the books generalize; they are not specific to any one person and by learning how not to be played, you very well may be teaching yourself how to be alone for the rest of your days – and I just think that’s something you really need to think about.

        Your only goal should be to find and be with someone you can be happy with and they with you because, at the end of any day, this is all that matters. How long that takes depends on how well you exercise your judgement in this and, hell,no, you ain’t gonna get that out of a book – look to yourself for the answer you seek – they are there, trust me on this one.

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