Game Recognize Game: Why Men Cheat

Ladies I know this series has been primarily focused on you so now I am turning the tables on the men. The spotlight is on you men. I will answer that age old question about why men cheat. Now ladies men do cheat but there are reasons why we stay with these cheaters. Now there are various reasons as to why men cheat not because they are all dogs nor is it because it is innate. Yes, every man (just like every woman) has the potential to cheat. Tariq Nasheed has broken down eight types of cheaters. Yet for the sake of time and space I will cover 4 today and 4 in the next post.


The Rebellious Child Cheater
The Delayed Player Cheater
The Playing-with-Fire Cheater
The Free Agent Cheater


Now I will give a general synopsis on each cheater. In the end men will be able to determine what type of cheater they are and women will know who you are really dealing with. Are we ready ladies to delve into the world of the cheater? Keep on reading.


The Rebellious Child Cheater


This type of cheater usually is involved in a mother-child relationship where the woman is the dominant figure. He feels powerless in her domineering grasp. He is afraid of the responsibilities of manhood so like a child he regresses and rebels. He takes on the “I can do what I want to do” mentality. He sneaks off and cheats with other women. He does this strictly as a form of defiance. He wants to show that he cannot be controlled 100 percent.


The Delayed Player Cheater


When you don’t complete something, you will want to finish it at some point in your life. Most men in our society have to go through their player stage. Some men get it out the way early and others go through it much later. He didn’t play the field when he was more than likely he married young and now wants to sow his royal oats he is now more established and financially stable and getting play from other women that he didn’t get earlier on. Now the player within wants to reveal himself he loves his wife and doesn’t want to leave her. This is often described as a mid-life crisis.


The Playing-with-Fire Cheater


This type of cheater is motivated by the thought of getting caught. He toys with the idea of being caught in the act. This serves as an aphrodisiac for him. This is the type to sleep with your best friend or sister. Inevitably, he wants to get caught playing it that close. He will even be so bold as to commit these acts in your bed. This type of cheater is usually laid back and unassuming, who is extremely turned on by the fact that he is doing something naughty or devious. In other aspects of life he wishes he could be more adventurous but he’s not.


The Cheaper-to-Keep-Her Cheater

This type of guy is in a relationship or marriage that has run out of gas. The sparks fizzled long ago and he wants to genuinely end it so they can go their separate ways. But he also knows she will take him to the cleaners. He loses a lot by leaving. So it’s cheaper to keep her. He usually has a “business arrangement” with the wife. And he gets to get back into the dating scene with no remorse, because in his mind the relationship is technically over anyway.

Ladies have you found you cheater yet. If you haven’t don’t feel bad I haven’t found mine either? Men are you wiggling in your seats knowing you are about to be found out. What’s done in the dark always comes out in the light! What type of cheater are you or are you dealing with? Share your thoughts below. And men while I have your attention feel free to e-mail me your relationship issues at maybe it can save you the trouble of cheating.


10 thoughts on “Game Recognize Game: Why Men Cheat

      • Men cheat because:
        (1) They want and need more than what they’re getting;
        (2) They’re being emotionally abused by their woman – and, yes, this is no joke
        (3) Some men cheat simply because they’re being idiots and cannot appreciate the woman he has; he thinks the grass is greener (read this as the pussy is better) and, as it tends to happen, finds out that the grass he thought was better is Astroturf.
        (4) We cheat because we were cheated on (or think we’re being cheated on).
        (5) We cheat because shit really does happen even – and especially – when you think it’s not supposed to.
        (6) We cheat because we can’t get our woman to make love to us without having to do something to earn the privilege or, “What have you done for me lately?”
        (7) We cheat when we’re not being appreciated;
        (8) Some of us cheat when we feel we’re not getting our woman’s respect
        (9) We cheat because our woman spends more time telling us what she ain’t gonna do than she does telling us what she’s willing to do
        (10) Some of us ain’t raised right; we think that cheating is just a man’s thing to do
        (11) Some men just cannot be monogamous
        (12) Some men cheat because they can’t handle the pressures being put onto them in a relationship
        (13) We cheat when it’s clear you don’t give a rat’s ass about us and hanging with your friends is more important than you finding out what’s bothering him
        (14) We might cheat when we’re depressed which carries less risks than doing drugs, drinking to excess, or some of the other dumb shit available to fuck up our lives even more
        (15 ) We cheat when we’re sure that there’s nothing else we can do to, for, and with each other – which is a blatant lie, by the way, because there are always things that can be done – some of us don’t bother with trying to explore them because they’ll be rejected out of hand (this is one of my favorites).

        Trying to group men into classifications is bullshit because while you can find guys who fit the description given, it’s not all of us – not every man has it in his mind to cheat; not every man even wants to cheat because it causes problems he doesn’t want to have to deal with after the fact. Just my opinion, mind you, but as women – and you don’t want your guy being with someone other than you – then you have to make it so that he has no reason to cheat, let alone look at another woman or listen to anything she has to say because it is so very true: If you don’t take care of your man/woman, someone else can and will do it for you.

        Upbringing plays into this; experiences play into this and, yeah, even peer pressure plays into this to some degree. Do we not go into a relationship – or possible relationship – and from the outset start wondering if he’s gonna cheat? And, because you assume that he will, then everything he does becomes suspect and then, oops, you accuse him of doing something he didn’t do… so guess what he’s gonna do? Might as well justify your accusations so you really have a reason to bitch, right?

        This door swings both ways, by the way, but since we’re talking about men…

        Cheating happens most often when a couple stops thinking “us” and spends more time thinking “me.” It happens when there are two agendas rather than just one; it happens because of very poor communication. Sure, two people, over time, can get bored with each other – this is a given. But, from this point, it’s about what you’re both willing to do about this for the sake of your love and the relationship and, again, coming up with that list of what nobody’s gonna do is going to make the situation any better; you’re just setting the stage for some cheating to happen.

        And, really, if you wanna know what’ll make your man cheat on you, ask him; you’re not gonna find any answers in some book because we’re not all the same; you can’t shoehorn us into nice, neat, boxes and then hope it explains the way we behave and why we do.

        You can’t do this any more than men should try to shoehorn women into boxes and, thus, give them reasons to cheat, too.

        It’s not always his woman’s fault if a man cheats; she could hand him the world on a platter and he’s still gonna do it and it’s probably the number one reason why men cheat: Because another woman made him a better offer at the time. Then again, you’d probably be surprised at some of the things women do to make their man cheat on them, things they’re not even aware of or, if they are, they just flat out deny.

        Any questions? Bring ’em…

    • I just say they were raised by wolves. You can keep a man pussy level so high that it has them blind or at least you think so. Give them what they want when they want and how they want to find out its just never enough. I know that I’m a good women and any man would be lucky to have me as their mate. I’m not ever going to bash men. I just wish they would get it together. All this cheating is ridiculous. Don’t make excuses make change.

      • Raised by wolves – that’s a good one. Cheating, however, ain’t always about pussy; it’s not always about what you give them; and, of course, it’s not all men either. Let’s see if LQ and her readers can piece together the puzzle…

  1. HI have a cheaper to keep her. The relationship is over but she’s on the deed and he would have to sell to get rid of her. I told him when it was good it was good now he’s stuck. Oh well….

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