Psychoanalysis of the Male Cheater

Men the spotlight has never left you and now it is time to revisit the remaining four types of cheaters. I must say these types have been enlightening a few I have met along the way and a few I spot very recently. I was talking to someone the other day and as he spoke without warning he revealed unbeknownst to him that he was one of the four types I will mention today. The four remaining types are:


The Free Agent Cheater
The Cookie Conquering Cheater
The Deflecting Guilt Cheater
The Take-Out Order Cheater


Before I start I mistakenly mentioned the Free Agent cheater in the last post yet I overlooked him. Don’t worry free agent I got you covered this time. I wouldn’t want you to feel left out.


The Free Agent Cheater


He is a guy who is either married or in a committed relationship, but in his mind he is still a free agent. The marriage contract means absolutely nothing to him. It’s just a piece of paper he signed to shut up his main lady. Often he parades his other relationships out in the open as if he were still single. He has no remorse, because in his mind he is doing nothing wrong. He has a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. Don’t even dare think to accuse him of being anything but single.


The Cookie Conquering Cheater


He only gets into a committed relationship to obtain the cookie. He is intrigued by the thrill of the chase and getting a woman to sexually commit to him. Once he has a bite, he is no longer interested. This type of cheater will usually get involved with women who will not put out unless there is a commitment on the table. He will sell a woman a dream with a straight face- all for the cookie. He will seek other conquests until he can conjure up another lie or scheme to wiggle his way out of the relationship.


The Deflecting Guilt Cheater


This type of guy is in a relationship or marriage that he feels isn’t bad enough to break off, but it isn’t good enough to stay in either. If he were to break it off he would feel a tremendous sense of guilt. His cheating becomes blatant n hopes she will break it off with him. Thus, removing the guilt, another type is a guy who has a good thing at home but wants a girl on the side anyway. He feels guilty so he will nitpick or find anything to complain about. He does this as a source of justification to go out and cheat. Like the playing with fire cheater he wants out by any means necessary to absolve himself of any guilt.


The Take-Out Order Cheater


This guy is in a relationship where his lady uses sex as a bargaining chip. She’s deprives him in order to manipulate him. So he goes and gets it elsewhere. His cheating is a sign of his needs getting met not one of defiance or to prove any kind of point. If the sex supply has shut down at home, his sexual desires don’t go away.


Now ladies just because they types of cheaters exist does not absolve you of any guilt of staying with them. Next I will tackle the issue of why we end up with any one of these types of men. And how to exit these types of relationships? Stay tuned!

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