Dating Mr. Right While I Am Ms. Wrong

Good men are hard to find or are they? Ladies all the men in your life have not been bad. There was or is a good man that exists yet you over look him. Why? Sometimes I think it is because we don’t want a good man. We like the challenge a bad man presents. And while we are on the subject good and bad is all relative. The real question is do you know what you want?


As for me I want a bad man I don’t want a good guy I have had good guys and overlook them time and time again. I claim I deserve to be loved and cherished but when I am I still find something to justify keeping my emotional guard up. So what I have been hurt in more ways than you can imagine that does not negate the fact that good men exist. And a good man can exist in MY life if only I will make a place for him. It goes back to self esteem ladies how do you view yourself? Do you know you are worthy of love, respect, and honesty or are these desires you allegedly want fulfilled when talking to friends? See because you have to know you are worth. Being factitious is not cool especially with yourself. If you want a good man then he is out there yours for the taking not the taking advantage of a ruining him for the good woman he truly deserves. If a bad man is what you want thank go head and get him with your bad self. But don’t be surprised when bad things happen to those of us who are truly foolish to wait on our good man.


First and foremost stop looking because you will look right past him. Second, focus on me and less on we. The reason why I have struggled with this hiatus is because I was focused on we instead of me. I learned a lot about myself and I was not putting it to use. I cannot love lest I love me. Now I have raised the bar on loving me but not high enough to love someone else. It just cannot happen now if I accept applications it will be out of loneliness not a place of security. It will be out of insecurity and like naiveté desperation is not cute. Let’s face facts I am past my twenties when I had time to bounce back from dumb mistakes. My rebound game is not that good anymore I lost my elasticity to nonsense a long time ago. Now I am to be firm and fair with myself. I cannot have a man because right now I need him and I need to want him. Right now I needed attention, affection, admiration, and love from ME. so I have decided behest a good friend’s advice to devote at least an hour of my day focused on ME and improving myself. I cannot see Mr. Right at this point because I am too busy being Ms. Wrong that is incapable of loving Mr. Right the right way. The way he truly deserves.  Back to my dating hiatus I go, throwing Mr. Right back into the see. When I am truly focused maybe he will find his way back to me. Until then America!


Are you Ms. Wrong trying to date Mr. Right? Do you prefer men who are more of a challenged and less vested in a relationship? Are you Mr. Right tired of vying for the affection of Ms. Wrong? Share your thoughts below


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