Old Habits Die Hard

How do you break that relationship bad habit? Ever find yourself
going back and forth with someone that you know you should move
on from? You find yourself
wasting tears and sadly sometimes even years on them and their
nonsense. How
do you break your self-destructive regimen? Why do we struggle
with letting go
of toxic relationships?

I am sitting here listening to Destiny Fulfilled thinking about
my bad habit. It takes me back to a situation where I was madly
in love so in love I forgot to love me. I kept making excuses as
to why I should keep him around when it was so
obvious I should have let him go. I was oblivious to the fact
that this man did not
have my best interest at heart. Yet I kept going back, back to
that place that told me I couldn’t do bad by myself. I was just
too blind to see past all the pain he was causing me. It was this
sick magnetism I had to like moth to the fire. Constantly,
getting burned but I kept going back.

Finally, one night everything came to ahead and reality sunk in
it was time for him to leave my life. He has done so many
horrible things to me it was just a
culmination of madness that finally broke me. The cheating and
the fighting had all became too much to bear for the both of us
and I realized all too late I should
have shown him the door a long time ago.

There are signs that our mate is toxic and we choose to ignore
them. It is like
driving down a road and all these caution and yield signs appear
yet we still
proceed without caution go off the cliff and then wonder how we
got there.
Everyone has deal breakers acknowledge and respect yours. Do not
compromise them for anyone. Not even that man/woman you really
want to be with. If you stand for nothing you will fall for

There is a list of bad habits that a man exhibits that I will not
tolerate. I have a zero tolerance policy for nonsense. I refuse
to budge on these deal breakers. I know what happens when you
settle for such foolery. It is a mental list so I will not
divulge out loud what the habits for the crafty man will try to
cater to my needs and be careful not to exhibit these crimes of
passion. Compile a list ladies/gentleman of bad habits you will
not tolerate. Keep a mental rolodex because in this dating world
you are going to need it.