Contemporary Courting

What have you done for her/him lately? Do you two still go on
dates? Has the romance been extinguished in your relationship?
Listening to the song Cater 2 U wondering why do couples stop
romancing one another after they have been together for a period
of time. The surprise flowers and lavish dinners seem to
dissipate as if they were a mere daydream.

Some people have a date night but even that is sometimes just
sitting at home on the couch. Once you are in a relationship the
courting does not stop. You still have to woo your mate. Ladies
make sure you romanticize your man. Ladies dont we love it when
a man is so romantic it makes us feels so special and wanted.
Treating us like the queens we are. Who serves the king? Take him
out. Tell him to throw it in the bag. Men always have to be on at
all times. What about us? Would your man say you are romantic?
Men would like to be courted as well. Ladies sometimes we are
guilty as charged when it comes to being selfish. We develop an
all about me complex. At times we are takers instead of givers.
We lose the nurturing side of us. Take him out a date to his
favorite spot. Pick up the check. Don’t get up and go to the
bathroom before it comes and leave him there holding the bag.
Remember it is the little things that mean the most. Send him
flowers when he gets that promotion or just because. Little
things like this let your man know you care and support him.

Get creative. For example, I was dating this guy and I knew he
loved Superman. So I created a Daily Planet newsletter with the
headline Lois Lane has been kidnapped. I left the hotel where she
was being held at and had it set up that a key was left at the
front desk just for him. The object was for him to find me his
favorite color lingerie handcuffed and ready to play. He
appreciated it very much. Ladies show your man your romantic
side. Do not leave everything up to him. He enjoys the thought of
you taking the wheel. Be a leader not a follower. What have you
done for him lately?

Men make sure you take her out as well. Instead of sending her
flowers leave her an anonymous note to create a mysterious secret
admirer for her with flowers and all spice things up. Leave her a
note asking can you take her on a date with three boxes yes, no,
or maybe. Write her a love letter professing your love for her.
Cook her a meal of her choice then run her bath water gives her a
massage from head to toe. Play some nice R&B and just slow dance
with her while whispering in her ear telling her how much you
desire and love her.

Often all we need is reassurance that our loved ones still love
and desire us as much as they did on that first date. Remember
how you longed for that first kiss, or the first time your bodies
collided and how cosmic that was. Showing your romantic side is a
guaranteed way to get more play time. This will also make your
partner desire you more as well. You know the key to a successful
relationship is to stay on their mind. As if you are whispering
sweet nothings in their ear all day long.