The Dating Double Standard

In dating I often wondered if men and women are created equally. Can we exhibit the same behavior and receive the same positive/negative reinforcements? The answer to this question is no for we cannot do the same things and garner the same reaction.

Case in point a woman has a high sex drive and loves to have sex whenever possible. Unlike a man it is frowned upon for her to look among random men and have her way with the man of her choosing. She must choose among familiar territory preferably a boyfriend if applicable or a really good friend. If the man is not available she has to wait or practice self-love.

The way I see it everything he can do you can do better but in the end you will look worse for having done it at all. The line has to be drawn somewhere, so can a woman sleep around and still have her character in tact the answer is a resounding hell no.

Yes a hoe is a hoe no matter how you say it. It is drummed into our heads you cannot turn a hoe into a housewife since our inception. Keep your legs crossed and closed until the right man comes along. I know double standards suck but perception goes a lot longer than the truth. Rumors always seem to have a ring of truth to them. Once your character has been assassinated it will take a total 360 degree turn will revive you.

We all have to grow up and come to a point in our lives where we realize that when we were children we spoke as children, and when we became adults we are to put away those childish ways.

In certain areas I hate to admit but men and women are not equal. He is celebrated for being a hoe you are crucified for being in the same group as him. Both sexes have to gain a sense of self control. Just because you can does not always mean you should. Use your discretion. Woman up and take full responsibility for your own actions the operative word being your own.

Double standards will exist long after we are dead and gone. We cannot do everything men can do and vice versa. Just face facts. Granted there will always be room for gossip at the table.
Remember that you want to place yourself a cut above the rest at all times.