Knight in Shining Armour

Ever been in love with someone that will never be yours? You
have spent years together and weathered many a storm. He has seen
every inch of your soul and then some. Been there to pick up the
pieces when pain has gotten the best of you and forced them onto
the floor. Been there when no one else has or ever will be.

Everytime I talk to him I just want to say I love you. These are
three words I never thought I would mouth to anyone ever again
after Big. Yet here I am with a man who I am in love with but it
pains me to know he will never been mine. He has such an impact
on me maybe it has something to do with the fact he saw me at my
worst and did not run for the hills. He was strong enough to be
the rock I needed and still is.

I know I have to let him go but I am so caught up in this rapture
called love. It is hard to turn away from someone who genuinely
cares for you. Wow how silly I must sound in love with someone
who is emotionally unavailable to me. I need to be able to fall
apart and you not leave me there alone to sweep up the pieces.
If, Big is reading this he probably figures I have not learned
much from our saga. And I have a sneaking suspicion he might be

It is like we date emotionally unavailable people because we do
not want them to latch on to us. For if they truly knew the depth
to who we are would they still love us. Many of us are fearful
that they would not. These type of relationships are selfish you
can be a complete mess but they have to be strong for you and not
fall apart. It is a one-sided relationship. You never really get
to know them just who you want them to be your knight in shining

Save yourself staying in a relationship like this is
self-destructive. What do you need for him to ripped out of your
arms by another woman? Pull it together be strong for you. It is
great he is there but you being there is more important for in
love there are no guarantees. A real man wants a woman who is
happy and strong. A man cannot be there for you until you can be
there for yourself.