Parenting: Table for Two

The other day I had a discussion that made me pause. It was about how children need their fathers in their lives. We spoke how some women are adamant about doing it themselves. How many will reiterate the fact many before have done it? I professed the need for the father figure in my daughter’s life. I can’t do bad all by myself.

This conversation took me back in time. A time when my daughter was about four years old. She was in her Dora stage at this point in her life. I was observing her play with her Dora dollhouse. I noticed she played with all the family members except one, the Dad.

Curious I asked her why the Dad was left out of the family activities. She replied unapologetically, “We don’t need a Daddy.” Those words broke my heart. They cut me deep in her father’s absence she cease to desire his presence. In her little mind she decided Daddies were useless creatures in a kid’s life.

I am woman enough to say my daughter need a positive father figure in his life. He will serve as her teacher to guide her down the path of life and show her how she should interact with a man. In addition, teach her to be a lady who respects and support men life her father.
In that moment I rationalized or I tried to why little girls needed their Daddies and why hers was absent from her life. Answering her questions of why Daddy didn’t love her enough to stay. It broke my heart to be held accountable for his negligence.

Men we need you no matter what our words and actions say. It takes a village to raise a child. One woman can’t do it alone. I am a strong woman, strong enough to say to her father I need you. If he is reading this I say your daughter needs you.

Positive male figures are scarce and on the brink of extinction. They have forgotten or been stripped of their roles of King of the castle. Let us reinstate them with their prestigious title. Allow them to lead us and our family.

Please come together men and women for it is our children that are losing the battle. They are the ones who are lost and misguided. Because we are too selfish to accept our roles in their lives.

Be selfless ladies love the children enough to say to these men we need you. We don’t have to be together but we need to raise our children together.

Are you raising a child alone and need a father figure in their life? Share your thoughts below.