Mr. Sensitivity

Men are you often accused of being insensitive to your womans
needs. She is going through a tough time either she is on the
verge of a breakdown or prayerfully a breakthrough. She is
looking for your arms to comfort but you do not know how. A lot
of men do not have the tools to be there emotionally for the
women in their lives.

Often growing up men are taught to exhibit strong emotions such
as anger and rage. You are taught not to cry and always told to
man up. So many men go through life not know how to deal with
hurt and pain in a sensitive way. They cannot show compassion to
you if they have not been taught how to show it to themselves.
When they show what society deems as weak emotions such as crying
we as women dont confront them often we chastise them for
crying. We need to learn to rub their backs and say baby it will
be fine.
I will never forget my daughters father and I were having an
intense conversation and suddenly his eyes welled up and tears
began to fall. I was so shocked and could not fathom why he would
ne showing such a vulnerable emotion that I just tuned my head
versus comforting him.

I did not know how to comfort him in his time of need. In my eyes
a man is supposed to be strong and dominant not meek and
vulnerable. I talked him through it after I got over my initial
shock. Ladies I am saying to you we need to teach our men how to
be more in touch with all their emotions. We need to teach them
that feeling vulnerable and needed are not weak emotions. However
they are stronger than anger for expressing it does not mean your
needs will get met. You have to lose that tough fa├žade and
express what you need from your mate.

Ladies we have to be more in tune with our feminine side as well.
You cannot expect him to support you emotionally when you watch
him go through the motions while you sit in silence. Just like
you he needs the caress of your hand on his back reassuring him
that despite all the adversity that is sweeping across his face a
simple kiss from you can take it all away. It is like a mothers
kissing a childs boo-boo your kiss makes it all better.
Sometimes we are there to make it all better. Both of us have to
pull together and be there for one another. Men are insensitive
because we as women have not taught them how to be sensitive. The
same way you would teach him in the bedroom teach him how to hug
you, show compassion, and how to listen. Often times he hears
your situation and immediately snaps into problem solve mode
oblivious to the fact you just want him to listen. Ladies be
vocal and specific about what it is you want from your man. Dont
assume he is supposed to know anything. Please men be willing to
hear your womans cry for help. Be willing to just be there. Life
is not always a battlefield filled with landmines.