Can U Handle It?

Ladies can you handle him being attracted to you solely based on your physical attributes and nothing more? Can you handle just sex? Some of us say yes we can but can we really? Personally, I know I cannot the man I choose to be with for a strictly intimate purpose in most cases is someone I crave mentally and spiritually. Unlike men, my conquest has to have more than an organ and a pulse. 

Most of these types of relationships last longer than supposedly more meaningful relationships. I cannot tell you how many times I have done four and six years in non-committed relationships mad as hell to find out my loving wasn’t strong enough to change his mind about me. It did not open his eyes to the possibility of other options we can explore outside of the bedroom. Laying claim to a man who will never been mine. Sometimes we set ourselves up to believe he is our fall guy when we are truly the fall girl. Wasting years and tears on a man who will never be ours. Telling him about the other men in your life seeing if it will make him jealous and dejected when this plan backfires. He just wants to ensure you will still be there if not he will send someone else up to bat. 

Stop playing yourself you a there for sport. We romanticize about how one day he will be ours. That day is never going to come. When are you going to grow tired of the Raggedy Ann roll you are playing? Once I came to the realization that my booty calls lasted longer than my relationships I knew it was time for a change. I finally saw that I deserved more. I kept wanting more but never knowing I actually deserved better than what was being afforded to me. I wanted a relationship from these men but settled for so much less.

Some women find these situations to be ideal and convenient for their lifestyle. I found that it is not conducive to my needs anymore.

You have to put your foot down with you. Recognize this situation is problematic. Especially when you are yearning for so much more.

Have you been in a succession of booty calls that didn’t pan out? How did you escape the bottomless pit of despair? Share your thought below.