He’s So Into You

Last night I watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” a very
interesting and insightful movie. This week I will cover several
topics from the movie. It sparked a lot ideas in my head and
blogs just poured out of me. So come and join me I hope you enjoy
the ride on this rainy Back to Work Monday.

Ever have that friend that is always giving you sage dating
advice? They seemed to have psychic tendencies when it comes to
dating. They can tell you every misstep you make and what your
next move should be to counter your mishap. You always walk away
thinking damn he is good. One day it hits you and you toy with
the concept that your friend might just be into you.
Simultaneously, you realize you are into him as well.

In the movie the main character Gigi reveals to her friend Alex
that she has feelings for him and she knows he is into her.
Initially, Alex deflects her accusatory tone with justifications
to make his case that she is having some warped illusion.
Immediately, denying her claims of infatuation. Adamantly, he
proclaims he was just being her friend. I have had a similar
experience. I had a longtime friend that I was always doting on
when one day a female friend insisted that I should pursue him. I
mulled it over and then I realized what a poignant role he played
in my life how much he really cared for me and how the one I
wanted was right in front of me the whole time. One night I made
dinner and invited him over after I got my liquid courage I
explained the true intention of the home cooked meal. I made a
play for his heart.

Surprisingly, he shot me down and immediately forced me into the
infamous friend zone. Once you are there you can never escape it.
I was so hurt and dejected. I made peace with what happened and
realized that although I care for him and I know he cares for me
that he is just not ready to take that plunge with me. Seeing the
movie last night struck a chord and made me want to verbally
pierce his denial in regard to his feelings for me but I digress.
If he cannot see what a catch I am then it is a moot point to
keep pursuing him. Although I have to admit I am still holding
out for that happy ending between him and I. Yet I know you can
lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

In the end of the movie Alex realized in typical romantic comedy
fashion that Gigi was meant for him. It terrified Alex to see how
well Gigi really knew him. He had missed all the signals that he
was falling for her. Often times we forget that the one you want
is the one who is always there for you. For years my friend had
been there for me and it took someone else to make me see that. I
guess the light switch has not come on for him yet. If you are
reading this I truly do care for you. I want to take a chance on
you and love hopefully you will dare to take that plunge with me.