Fan’s Favorite

So I was posting to my Facebook fan page and I keep a record of the friends and likes I get. I am just starting so these numbers are crucial to me. Anyway my likes went down by one. I must admit seeing that got to me. As well as viewing my stats for this week for they to have decreased. This can hurt a writer’s ego.

I thought I was improving on my writing game and the articles are getting more personal. Yet my numbers are flat-lining. After having my impromptu pity party I stop the celebratory nonsense. And I said to myself this is not about fame it is about freedom. It is about speaking my truth no matter the cost. I want to move people with my truth and not sway them with my numbers that change everyday.

I write to help others learn the mistake I made. So they can learn my lesson without regret. I write for the both of us. It is not about money for me. I do this thing for free my reward comes when people thank me for telling my truth. When people say they can relate. We may not always be agreed but their eyes and ears are always open to my truth.

I am a woman who has made mistakes. I do not stand before you on a pedestal looking down upon you. My imperfections humanize me and allow me to guide us through the bumps in my life. Which will prayerfully enable us to embrace life’s pitfalls with grace and not meet them with fear and trepidation.
I want my writing to speak and teach you a better way. I am not a guru, I am blessed to have met both trials and tribulations and in some instances come away victoriously. I won’t lie sometimes I wonder if I am pushing myself off a cliff when I put myself out there. But I would be doing myself a disservice I have hid myself too long and I want to be free. In my words I am liberated not regretful.

It is a hardknock life for all of us. No sense in pretending it is always easy. Would you allow your dream to be deferred because not everyone accepted you? Would you continue on without being the fan favorite? Share your thoughts below.