Haters Everywhere?

One day I was on Facebook and one of my many Facebook friends was ranting about haters. Throughout reading this rant only one question came to me did this person truly have haters or was she just a lost loser?

It is a question many of us have to ask ourselves especially when these so called haters are calling us out for being losers. They are actually concerned citizens. Don’t you hate it when you hear someone complaining haters are everywhere they go and in all honesty they are going nowhere.

Granted you shouldn’t worry when they talk, you should worry when they don’t. No one caring should be cause for concern. So I ask another question do losers have haters or is it a figament of their inactive imagination.

Not being where you should be in life is a major sign of concern. Focus on what you should be doing and not so much what others are saying. Let it motivate not discourage you. Only a fool would think someone is hating when truly they are messing up.

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