Cinematic Climax

Freaky Friday:  Which movie love scene would you like to emulate
if given a camera and the movie backdrop? Would you us the actual
actor or actress or would you use a stand in? Speak on it.

If I could re-create a nostalgic movie love scene moment it would
have to be DMX and Taral Hicks in Belly. Granted I love the slow
love-making process but there was so much emotion in the sex they
had. The way he took over her body and thrust into her with so
much rage and force like transferring his energy into her. He
drained her completely when it was all said and done.

Of course I would change my main man from DMX to someone who was
just as rugged and rough. Someone that could bring that anger and
passion to the bedroom with just the right balance of roughness
to it. In my scene he would hem me up against the wall while we
have a serious verbal exchange. Let me tell you guys how I do not
argue but when reenacting that scene I would bring the heat. All
up in one another faces until he grabs my face and kisses me
angrily forcing his tongue into my mouth while he scoops me up.
When we get to the bedroom he takes me and shoves me down still
arguing with me. Then, he pushes my legs apart and starts making
passionate, hardcore love to me putting his hand over my mouth to
let me know the arguing is over. Each stroke sends shockwaves
through my body. His intense emotions send shivers down my spine.

I also think that recreating a love scene will intensify the love
making in your relationship. I was just thinking about my
favorite love scene of all time and Belly was it. Figured I would
poll my audience and see what you all thought of creating your
own cinematic climax. If you like I have never tried this it will
be interesting to role play and get those creative juices
flowing. It does not matter which of you initiate this concept
just make sure you do the damn thing. Allow your inhibitions run