Nightmare on Main Street

Have you ever been the victim of date rape? It is a touchy
subject but as a writer I cannot be afraid to go there even to
the dark, desolate place known as rape. It is such a heinous act
that kills you everytime that ugly memory resurfaces. You
remember where you were and how you felt after it was all said
and done.

Of course like most naïve twenty-somethings I thought it could
never happen to me. It was a typical club night where I was
dressed grown and sexy single and ready to mingle. Unfortunately,
that night would be notoriously epic for me. I went out alone
which did not frighten me because of course I would be among
friends. My friend came and picked me up took me to my favorite
hot spot.

I sipped on my favorite drink Apple Martini and danced the night
away. At one point I decided to take a seat a guy asked to buy me
a drink and I obliged I took a few sips felt the bathroom urge so
I asked a girlfriend to watch my drink while I go to the bathroom
to splash some water in my face. I came back took a few more sips
and felt a little groggy and sleepy. I asked someone to get my
friend so he could take me home.

I was very woozy at this point and I think at one point I fell
asleep in the car on the ride home. We arrived at a house I
didnt recognize but everything became a blur it felt like I was
dreaming when he took me out of the car and laid me on the bed. I
could see everything happening but I felt immobile to protest. He
was ontop of me and I dont remember his face my memory of that
night is distort. I wanted to scream get off of me but the words
never came.

At one point some other faceless monster appeared and turned me
on my back then threw something over my face and proceeded to
have sex with me. After that I cannot remember anything else. I
went home and scrubbed my body raw. I did not know what to do two
days later I decided I should report what happened. My friend
from that night came banging on my door the same day but I just
ignored him. He even texted me are you okay? What nerve right I
guess his conscious was kicking in.

Reporting it to the police was useless they did not believe me.
When the nurse did the rape kit she had to tell all 6 of them to
leave the room. All male officers interviewed me the only female
friendly face was the nurse who did the rape kit. That is
something that is a necessary evil but is mentally draining. It
is re-traumatizing and when you have people who do not believe
you it makes it worse. I have never openly talked about that
night and I am fighting back tears talking about it now. I know
someone needs to hear this story. They may have gotten away with
it now but they will pay someday. In my heart I know this to be
true. I do not wish any ill toward them. I forgive them. Though I
will never forget the trauma I endured because of them.

Rape is an ugly vicious crime in which innocence is snatched
away. It is firmly clasped in the hands of a predator. Viciously
being suffocated until revival attempts prove futile. Being a
victim of rape I wear a badge of dishonor apart of a troop I was
forced into. I was jumped into this troop but for those of us who
are here we are survivors and our stories are real. I know there
are times where I wanted to make it all go away as if it never
happened. Wished I did make the whole horror story up but it
rings true in my heart. No one believed me but He knows the truth
and so do they.