Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It is the first day back to work in the New Year. I have been asked what my New Year’s resolutions are. Truthfully I have none. I just have some goals I have set for myself and plan on getting tunnel vision and stick with them.  

This year there will be a lot of separation. It is time for me to move on. Some of us have grown apart and I am tired of faking and forcing a relationship to work when it is obviously dead. I keep thinking there is more to hold onto but that hope keeps slipping through my fingers. It is hard when you love someone to watch them slip away and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. One can love those in their inner circle for being honest and true. It is time to set a beautiful butterfly free.


Unfortunately, often times those that are the closest to you want to bring you stress and despair. Try as you might to help them and you are really hurting yourself. Your needs and cries fall on deaf ears. I cannot fight anymore nor do I desire to. I want to see you do well, yet your goal is to bring me down. Now, if that is the case then it is time for you to go.


I am letting go of major stressors. I cannot be bogged down by the ill will of others.  No more time for pity parties. Time to Woman Up! I have to accept that I cannot change certain things. The only guaranteed change is my thoughts and my environment. I am toying with different ideas of taking my life in the direction that is destined for me. Relocation is floating up there somewhere. Change needs to come to my life. I am either in the middle of a breakthrough or a breakdown. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.


With that being said what are you struggling with? What do you want to improve in your life? How will you make those improvements come to fruition? Share your thoughts below.