Never Satisfied

Have you met the right one and they do satisfy you in the bedroom? Fate is a funny little man you have all your running and you decide to settle down. Everything about your mate meets your criteria and then some. Yet problems arise behind closed doors regarding the inactivity in the bedroom.

Sexually you are incompatible there is no chemistry at all. Try as you might your libido is at a lackluster performance when your ideal mate is around. I know this problem all to well. I met a man who seemed to be Mr. Right. He had it going on treated me like a queen, treated my baby like she was his, motivated and ambitious sexy just like I like my man. He had an amazing body I was definitely attracted to him. He really made my heart race. Yet when we got behind closed doors his performance was poor in my eyes. When I negatively informed him that I was not satisfied he was insulted. Understandably, so I tried to teach him how to please me, brought all kinds of toys and books. I introduced him to the Sexopedia and all these efforts proved futile.

Funny fate is so mean why is it when you meet the right one you have a major red flag. Some are willing to fake it till they make it but then I will walk around pissed all the time because I am not getting my shit off. Not worth it. Two things are going to happen I am going to walk, or stay and cheat. They are horrible options but a girl has to have options right. So how do you combat such a problem when you have exhausted all your efforts you cut of the physical aspect of your relationship and move on.

Obvilously fate does not play fair. It always happens like this you have all this good sex in the fly by night situations and then you settle down and it is horrible. Why does it have to be like that? I can’t speak for eyeryone but sex plays a major part in my relationship. I have a healthy appetitie that needs a healthy serving. I don’t want to spend my time after sex with my rabbit while he is knocked out. Been there done that not going there again. I tried faking it but while I was faking it I was making it with someone else. I do not want cheating to ever be an option again.

If you are in this situation and have done all you can you two may have to remain just friends. No sense in wasting one another’s time. Life sucks big time right. Are you with someone who does not satisfy you sexually? Are you going to fake it till you make it? Share your thoughts below.