Curse of the Single Girl

Do you suffer from that infamous curse of the singlehood? Do
people stare at the S on your chest as if it is a Scarlet Letter
burning through your soul? People have been writing about us
forever. How they pity us and how we need to compromise our
standards to get the right guy? Well I say let me enjoy being
single. Stop looking me and my girls up and down as if we are
riddled with an infectious disease. It is called singlehood for
those of you in the company of misery try it sometimes. You might
like it.

Everyone is so hung up on titles, girlfriend, fiancée, and the
all important most prestigious one: wife. Growing up we are
taught to be good wives and mothers in that specific order. We
are never taught that single and happy are synonymous with one
another. We are taught stand by your man even if he pales in
comparison. As long as he is bringing home the bacon you are to
keep your mouth closed and your eyes on the children. In many
families there is that long tradition of unhappy, single women in
the family who everyone looks to with pitiful eyes. They are
feeling sorry that she is beyond marrying age and still single.
Sorry but that will not be me. I am single and loving it. I have
been single for 5 years and content with that. I enjoy the ups
and even the downs of dating. Yes one day I would like a
companion but until he comes along I will enjoy dating instead.

It pisses me off how desperate my committed sisters get staying
with men who have quite honestly never met their standards. If we
borrowed the guys rating scale she would be lucky if the pin hit
a five in the worst case scenario. These women are so desperate
for a title they will sacrifice their happiness just to say I
have a man. These women are the first to say to you single girl
at least I have a man. It is as if you are somehow less of a
woman for not having one by your side. Well let me go on the
record by saying I am more of a woman for not standing by a man
who is not worth my tears and added years. I am worth more for
saying I will stand alone until I am in the company of a man who
compliments me because no man could ever complete me. I am worth
more than loving a man more than I love myself.

It has gotten so bad that even men think the single friend is
venomous. I have been the single friend for five years and
sometimes I feel like public enemy number one. I refuse to give
advice because after all what do I know about relationships since
I don’t have a man. I mean get it together a woman being single
is a gift not a curse. Being happy should be your focal point
whether single or not. Happiness should prevail above all else.

Happiness should never be sacrificed or compromised. If you find
yourself placing it on a backburner it is time to reevaluate your
current situation. Stop looking at being single as if it is
something on your bucket list. Singlehood is a time where you can
really focus on you. You can be selfish with love for once and
give it all to you. When you know what you want you will not
settle for nonsense. If you are in a dead end situation weigh the
pros and cons of the situation. Make a list one side pro the
other con. When the bad outweigh the good you know what you need
to do. Let it go!