Jump-Offs: A Necessary Evil

Time to sound-off about jump-offs tired of hearing and reading about them. How they have rules they must follow? How they are hated for their mere existence? Society jump-offs are a necessary evil. They have been roaming the Earth for centuries and she unlike the dinosaur will never be extinct. She will always exist as long as men are left unsatisfied and desiring something without any emotional attachment her supply will always be in demand.

Contrary to popular belief the jump-off is not always attached to another woman’s man. The man is often single and looking for his girlfriend or wife. During his quest he encounters the jump-off to sow his oats while allegedely patiently waiting on Mrs. Right. The jump-off often knows her role and is quite content. Surprisginyl, she does not wish to be you, the woman he lies to all the time. It is true the mistress often knows more than you. She knows the snake he is but loves the way he slithers all over her. Never wanting him to be hers for she knows he is incapable of commitment. It is pointless to her going through all the trouble of asking him to do something he truly does not desire to do.

She is a necessary evil for what you won’t do she will. When he is bored out of mind with you it is she who fulfills his fantasy. Despite what you think she encompasses his idea of his fantasy girl. Keep in mind when two people lay down it is not always the woman who wakes up with feelings. As told to me by a man, he can sometimes have an attachment to her. Often, he expects monogamous behvaior from her although this is not something he displays. How preposterouds is that? Jump-offs thrive on the excitement of being his Girl Friday, unlike yu they do not need a title. Although they have been given a negative persona. Yet there are scores of women in relationships in which they are indeed the jump-off and are unaware of it. Yelling about some other woman when it is you who fits the bill you are trying to get her to pay. Stop blaming the jump-off and hold these men accountable as well.

Singlehood is sweeping the nation and a girl has needs. She is realistic and knows that love is a goal that love is a goal that is often conditional. Tired of playing Plain Jane in relationship where she cannot be true to herself. They want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed. When they get what they want they are often intimidated by it. Many women are trapped in their sexuality. Closet freaks scared to come out for fear of being ostrsacized. Forced to lay there and take it instead of throwing it back and making him shut up while she is behind the wheel. Scared to be viewed as frisky. Fear his harsh judgements will lead him to assume this is a common practice for you with various men. Never realizing this is a private show for him and him only.

Let’s be frank many ladies have begun a relationship as his jump-off and it seemed prosperous. Yet years go by and he still doesn’t like it enough to put a ring on it.

The relationship between a man and his jump-off is an honest one. The need for deception dissipates due to the fact they both know he will never commit and she never thinks think their relationship as anything more than what it is. A sexual thing. A jump-off keeps things in perspective and will be able to maintain a good relationship with her man. Yes it is a relationship as much as you want to make it sound like an in and out thing. There is an arrangement between both parties. Sometimes it is a little more than sex sometimes they just talk and she listens.

The main downside to the relationship other than the lack of commitment is when she wants to have sex she usually cannot get it when she wants it. Everything is on his terms due to the fact s he cannot or will not come at her every whim. Often she contemplates gettiing a boyfriend but she would have to settle for scheduled sex. In addition, she would have the added worry of him cheating on her.

Jump-offs will always be a neccesary evil as long as we refuse to communicate with one another openly and honeslty about what it is we truly want. Become more accepting versus judgemental about your partner’s desire. Do not make them hide who they truly are to suit your own needs. For neither of your needs will be met. Enjoy a good thing don’t question it.