Big Love

He was my greatest love and my greatest heartache. Can you go from being madly in love to just friends? Big and Carrie united and got married. If Big and I reunite the only union will be of our bodies. I am scared to see Big. Scared to touch his sexy smiling face. Should we reunite? What would be the point?

Truth is I never got over him. How can I tell my heart that her other half is taken? Someone else holds that key Big snatched it away from me years ago. Can I hug him without yearning for his tender kiss? What would I say to him?

I am speechless. I always love our conversations. Adored hearing how his mind worked. His thoughts would excite and set my soul on fire. How can I be around him and not want that old thing back? Imagine if he could send my mind into the point of combustion. Then, toy with the idea of what he did to my body when our worlds would collide.

When someone calms your spirit, eases your mind, and sends shock waves through your body. How do you handle just being friends? The ending our saga killed my heart and I have never loved since that is how profound an effect he had on my heart.

Damn Big you made me love you. With you I loved hard and hurt harder when it was all said and done. I love you Big still madly in love with you. I pray I can keep my composure when I see you. Let my mind take over my emotions. Help me to stay in wise mind. I will always love Big and would welcome him back in my life. I just have to woman up and realize we can be friends for our love is that strong.

When you love someone you cannot just shut them out of your life. I am selfish with love once you hurt me I want to be done for life. How selfish is that? I have to learn to love whether we are together or not. Love is not supposed to be conditional. I have to truly learn and believe that. So Big yes we can be friends forever and always.