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Is your girl causing drama between you and your kid’s mom? Is she jealous of the children and the relationship you have with their mother? This is very commonplace. Although it is rarely discussed there are insecure women who are often finding their man’s children to be a source of resentment and jealousy.

These women often secretly despise being around your children. They foolishly believe them come first in your life. If you all have children together they feel the child born outside of the relationship is an insignificant figure in your life. They feel the child’s access to your life should be denied.

This of course causes friction between you and your girl. As well as controversy between your girl and your kid’s mother. Jealousy hovers over as a dark cloud in your life. You often feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Yet you must man up and diffuse the situation. Don’t be afraid to check your girl and let her know she must respect your children and their mother otherwise she will be dismissed accordingly. Stop allowing you child’s mother frustration about your girl fall on deaf ears. Respect and address both of their positions. Be certain you convey to them that they both must respect one another despite the situation.

Your child’s mother may hold resent as well as figure since she was there first that the girl should be shown the door just on that fact alone. Often she has no regard for the new life you have built. The girl is often jealous of your relationship with your child’s mother and the children are a devastating reminder of that union. She has not fully embraced them and placed them properly in her life. Often times they are seen as your kids which of whom she wants nothing to do with.

Let me tell you are a true story real quick. I was dating a gentleman off and on for several years. I had become pregnant and he asked me not to keep it. I weighted my options and felt the decision would be best not to. It pained me to take that step yet I took it anyway. Years went by and one day he takes me to the side and says he has something to tell me. According to him he had gotten a young lady pregnant a few years back and their agreement was she would abort the baby. As it turned out she unlike me had a change of heart and had the baby anyway. The baby was now a toddler who stood tall and played happily. He introduced me to his child seeing that child broke my heart to pieces. He couldn’t have one with me I was so selfish to think only of myself. For a while I resented that child despite being a parent myself. That child reminded me of his deception a secret he kept hidden for years which led me to believe he still had a relationship with the child’s mother.

I still do not know whether or not they are together but I let that go a long time along with the feeling that made me cringe even at the mere mention of the child’s name. Ladies these children did not ask us to come here, they are innocent and just want us to be happy. Why can’t we return the favor? Stop being so selfish and allow your heart to welcome that child in your life.

Do you resent your man’s child? Do you resent the relationship he has with the child’s mother? Share your thoughts below.