Sweetest Taboo: The Fascination with the Black Woman

What is society’s love/hate relationship with the black woman? It is like they are determined to typecast us based on their skewed view of us. Either we are stoic and unapproachable with our twisted necks and rolled eyes, or over-presentational sexiness with our tight fitted clothing and lack of self-respect. There are so many types of stereotypes that try and speak to the black woman but we are multi-faceted not simply black or white we are shades of grey both inside and out.

After reading Paige Tutt’s article “How 5 Stereotypical Online Profiles Exposed the Fetishization of Black Women. One hates what they do not understand. The black woman like the black man has been misunderstood for ages. We cannot be simply put into a box and perceive in a prejudicial manner. I am saying get to know us personally. Tutt touched on online dating which exposed society’s fascination with the black woman. And how society wants to pigeon-hole her into whom they perceive her to be. We are tired of perpetuating a myth. Take me as I am or nothing at all.

It is almost as if we are not allowed to identify with ourselves without fear of intimidating someone else. We have to place everyone else’s needs above our own.

We cannot even have a healthy sexual side we’re either asexual or hypersexual. Society is fascinated with the sensuality of the black woman. They have a fetish for our skin, complexion, body, and our mind. They don’t understand us so they try to define us based on their standards. Once they frowned upon our thick backside now they are dying to have one of their own.

We set the standard and they emulate us relentlessly. Although imitation is the highest form of flatter self love matters more. Yes we tend to fascinate society with our beauty. Unapologetic and not seeking your approval.

Ain’t I a Woman, Sojourner Truth proclaimed proudly. We are both black and proud of it. Your fascinate is actually an obsession. You neec help. We want you to accept you as you are not the myth you proclaim tp be.

What is society’s obsession with our hue? Will society ever be cured? Share your thoughts below.

4 thoughts on “Sweetest Taboo: The Fascination with the Black Woman

  1. As with all racial stereotypes, there are a lot of misconceptions and truths mixed in and Black women are not immune to what’s known as “The Mandingo Syndrome.” Black women can be so damned sexy and sensual… and some of the worst people you’d ever want to meet. Of course, the darker side of slavery, the part they don’t tell anyone in history classes, is rife with the sexual fascination with Black female slaves, with their large breasts and bubble-butt booties, things that have immediate sex appeal; it made Black women sexually desirable back then and the same is true right this very minute.

    I’ve had white guys ask me about what it’s like to be with a Black woman; I’ve listened to the wonder and awe in their voices, seen the erections in their pants as their imagination runs wild… and I’ve laughed and have told them that I don’t know what the big deal is because in my experiences, eh, some Black women ain’t really all that and that’s because I know how downright evil some of them can be despite their sensual appeal. And I’ve told them they should find out for themselves – and then hope they have good insurance.

    Black women, really, are no different than any other woman; they don’t like being objectified but,at the same time, they do love the attention being objectified can bring. Some can be submissive and even gullible while some are domineering and, well, candidates for Queen Bitch of the Universe with their negative and suspicious attitudes as well as that sense of them being owed things and more so when they’ve done nothing to earn them.

    This isn’t a condemnation of Black women but since most of the women I’ve dealt with in my life have been Black, I’ve seen the good and bad of my sisters and, at least in my mind, have deemed that they’re no better or worse than any woman of any other race. They can be hypersexual and push a man beyond his limits in order to please her (and they usually fail to please her which just adds to they mystique)… or they can imitate a dead body with the best of them; they can be as sweet as punch and your worst nightmare… but, again, how does that make them different than other women?

    The stereotypes amplify the hype and add to the mystique of the Black woman; some enjoy this air of mystery, some wish they weren’t guilty by association because they want nothing to do with the hype. A lot of Black women have told me that they can’t stand being pursued by men of all races because they’re the ultimate sexual object and, like other women, want to be pursued because of their other traits, like their intelligence and their decency as a human being. They face the same crap that I do as a Black man but I learned not to buy into the hype and not to try to live up to any part of it; it doesn’t always work because there are those who aren’t Black that do believe the hype and they want to find out if it’s true what they say about Black men and women – and mostly between the sheets.

    It is what is it and one doesn’t have to like it and I don’t think that any of this will ever change. Black women should be aware of the fascination surrounding them as well as the “bad press” that hangs over their head and focus on being the best person they can be… if the people who are utterly fascinated by them will allow it.

  2. I say do what you want to do….. If people don’t know how to act, put them in their place… Enjoy it! Take that energy and use it to be the queen of your domain. (within reason)

    Remember, the first evidence of the goddess found in Europe was a black woman…

  3. Even though there are men of different races that might find black women attractive, intelligent, confident, sassy, etc. they are not as quick to date them or enter relationships. So what is the fear?

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