She’s Just Not That Into You

Battle of the Sexes: Men, why do you think she’s not sleeping with you? You are playing the waiting game while in her head she is saying you are never going to get it. Could this be a sign she’s just not that into you?

In the movie, “He’s Just Not That Into You” Anna had a friends with benefit situation with Conor for a while and then suddenly without any warning or notice the benefits stopped. Conor does not get that Anna is just that into him anymore. He puts everything on the line since he has been pining for her all along only to be rejected in his face.

I met a guy who on paper seemed like the perfect catch for me. Yet I was not attracted to him. I went out on a few dates to see what he was about. I was thinking maybe I was too judgmental initially. One night he had a nice room setup a nice scenery with the rose petals and candles and dinner for two. He was an excellent cook by the way. After dinner we sipped and chatted. He moved in for the kiss but it lacked passion. Nothing clicked believe me I tried to conjure up something. I felt so bad that I lacked any passion for him. He really tried hard. Eventually, I had to tell him straight out we are just friends and I do not want anything from you other than your friendship. I told him that I am just not that into you. He was hurt but I felt good knowing I was honest with him and more importantly honest with myself.

Similar to the movie you can only fake it for so long. You have to admit to yourself and that person that you are just not into them. Even if the sex did occur it would be empty and meaningless. If it did not happen chances are it won’t happen. Now I know someone will say there are people who are genuinely abstaining from sex for their own personal reasons. Kudos! Now for those ladies that are abstaining from sex with that one particular guy while the other guy has you climbing the walls you know that I am talking to you.

Men simply put she is not feeling you. When a woman is feeling you, she will give into your innuendo in fact if she is really  into she will find you simply irresistible and will not be able to wait. She will give you that come hither look. The long gaze and extended out that index finger and she will be particularly daring you and your drooling gaze back to the lair for consumption.