Pigs in a Blanket

Which is sexier a circumcised or an uncircumcised penis? I know I
am going to catch a lot of flack from this but I have been
traumatized by a pig in the blanket and I never want to see
another one again. I must say and a circumcised penis is the way
to go for me. An uncircumcised penis cannot get any love from me

I have been dreading this subject like the plague because I do
not want to hurt anyone’s feelings or expose them so names will
not be used to protect the guilty. So one night I am at home and
I get a call from a friend who would like to stop by. So I jump
in the shower and throw on something sexy. Patiently waiting the
door bell rings and he shows up on time we exchange pleasantries
and I lead him to my apartment. Everything is good we are
watching a nice movie talking and having a good conversation. We
start kissing and everything is cool. Until I try my hand at a
Lewinsky move if you know what I mean. First, of all I was
shocked when I saw it and had it in my hand. Then, he pushed back
the skin yuck and I was grossed out. I was traumatized to say the
least. Even now I want to throw up reflecting back on that
experience. After that night I realized I do not ever want to
experience an uncircumcised penis ever again in life. I love
giving head but not if the penis is not circumcised.

In my opinion, if you have a son he should be circumcised. It may
be painful and traumatic for him but when he gets older he will
thank you for it. Many people who are not circumcised do not
clean that area properly. They often forget to clean inside the
crevices. Now granted one bad apple should not spoil the bunch
but that shit scared the hell out of me. On dates I almost want
to ask excuse me are you circumcised? If he answers no then the
date is over. No longer are both my lips watering as he undoes
his zipper. I am scared it will be another pig in the blanket. I
hate surprises!

If there is something sexy about an uncircumcised penis please
let me know. I find no pleasure in that ugly thing. I think a
penis is beautiful especially when it is nice, thick, and juicy
and I can get right to it. What a pleasurable experience! Ladies
and gentlemen please weigh in. Circumcise or not circumcise,
which would you prefer?